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Bulk Material Handling Equipment

Production Handling Systems DBA Hovair Automotive is a full service supplier specializing in bulk material handling equipment and is a major material handling equipment manufacturing company located in Franklin, Indiana.

Hovair Automotive services apply to all industries offering design, layout and simulation capabilities related to the material handling arena. Products consist of, but are not limited to, lift tables, tilt tables, turntables (including the Starbase™ design), automated conveyor systems and custom material handling machinery.

Our staff has the expertise to evaluate all of your material handling, production, safety and ergonomic needs.   Representatives can analyze current manufacturing processes in your plant and identify opportunities for improvement.  Hovair specializes in the complete process from the time parts are unloaded from your vendors in the marketplace area to the final delivery of finished goods to your customers.

As workloads become more and more complex, the need to handle these loads in the most efficient way has created an ever-increasing demand for reliable industrial material handling equipment. From turntables to conveyor systems and shuttles, Hovair Automotive can provide opportunities to improve your manufacturing processes.

We have the products and information you need. We value your investment, so we provide safe, reliable, and easy-to-use industrial handling equipment that suits your manufacturing needs.

We are second to none when it comes to material handling. No other material handling equipment manufacturer can take our spot when it comes to giving utmost quality and efficiency.

Contact a sales representative today to see how our services can assist your material handling equipment needs.

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Stay Away from Inefficiencies and Workplace Hazards

Workplace safety and work efficiency is among your major responsibilities as a business owner. Hovair Automotive understands the need for effective materials handling equipment to keep your employees safe. We can provide the equipment you need for your business operation. Choosing our products will help create a better work environment and more opportunities for your company.

Materials handling equipment such as conveyors, carts, and tables will make your processes faster and more efficient. Designed for accuracy and reliability, these are perfect for any type of business. Here are more reasons you should invest in these equipment.

They’re safe.

You need machines and equipment that are safe for your workers and the environment. Hovair Automotive follows high standards in manufacturing industrial products. We make sure you’ll get the best value for your money and the best results from our equipment. We design our products ergonomically to their improve safety and health features.

They’re reliable.

Reliability is one of our main concerns. We offer precisely built equipment, as we aim to give you outstanding and accurate results. You can minimize or eliminate errors using our reliable industrial products. This will allow you to increase your productivity rate and product quality.

They’re customizable.

Another benefit you can get from using materials handling equipment is you can choose to customize them. We can build your equipment according to your company’s specifications and requirements. This is a flexible option, as you can have your specially designed but still reliable machine. We can build a small or big system to meet all your material handling needs.

They’re durable.

Most of our products are built from heavy-duty structural steel to ensure outstanding performance and durability. This assures you of their quality and reliability. All these features make our equipment good investments for your company.

Hovair Automotive will design a system to fit your application and layout requirements.  We specialize in designing products with production, safety, cost, and ergonomics in mind. Contact us at 317-738-0485 to learn more about our products and how they can help your business.

New Office & Production Facility

We have completed our move to a new location at 211 Province Street, Franklin Indiana. Now with over 60,000 square feet of production and office space to meet the growing demand for our product line.

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