Lift Tables for Increased Productivity

When manufacturing businesses discuss how to approach process improvement, most suggestions revolve around bulk material handling equipment. Although there are many ways to improve your operations ergonomically, many business owners turn to lift table equipment to increase overall efficiency in their warehouse. This saves them hours of labor, increases productivity, and even reduces work-related injuries.

Protecting Employees from Injuries

Companies spend millions of dollars from health care costs, absenteeism from injuries, and workers’ compensation claims. Injuries often happen from a single lift of heavy items. Others, though, happen over an extended period from repetitive stress injuries. Lift tables reduce physical movement and strain, lowering the chances of workplace injury. These protect workers from getting their hands or feet strained.

Protecting Equipment Components from Damages

Lift tables save counter space because equipment on wheels can be transported to a closet or back room when not needed. In environments where there are dusts or small debris, the lift table skirt can form a protective barrier, which keeps any particles of debris from entering internal components. This saves the company expense required to replace these expensive components from premature wear.

Increasing Work Productivity

Lift tables can decrease time spent loading and unloading materials up to 40%.   When the weight of the load changes it automatically adjusts to allow the load to stay at its optimal working height. Their steerable wheels and parking locks allow employees to work safer, easier, and faster in any environment. Lift tables make great worktables.  Workers can adjust the height to position it perfectly while they work.

Hovair Auto believes that material handling is one of most important areas to evaluate for lasting process improvement in industrial environments. Along with improving the production system, all processes should focus on improving the safety and effectiveness of employees. For more information on bulk material handling solutions and auto insurance comparison, get in touch with the Atlanta Office of Sean Park Law.