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Fork Free Carts & Dollies


Hovair Automotive provides Custom Carts for Lean Manufacturing environments, Fork Free Infields, and other custom manufacturing or production operations.

> 4-Wheel Carts –  Hovair designed carts utilizing a 4 wheel design for most application to deliver parts to your production line.  We offer multiple sizes and multiple wheels depending on the application in your plant.   

> 6-Wheel Carts – A 6 wheel cart gives the advantage to your operators to allow them to turn the carts around within the carts own footprint.  The cart simply spins on the center larger wheels allowing increased mobility while pushing to and from the assembly line.

 >Low Profile Carts – These carts are lower in the center with the wheels mounted outside the main cart deck.  This allows for taller containers to be tugged to and from the line and will allow operators to reach product at higher levels in a more ergonomic fashion.

> Flat Top Carts – Simple flat top various wheel carts used for general purpose to move parts around your plant.  Multiple sizes / shapes and heights can be designed to fit any application.

> Rotate Carts – This type of cart utilizes a top mounted to the existing cart that will allow product to be rotated directly on the cart while in the operator station.   This will allow operators to access parts in a much more ergonomic fashion and will eliminate multiple reach related injuries.

> Tilt Carts – Tilt carts are used when a cart is tugged to the line and then the product on top of the cart is tilted to allow operators a more ergonomic access to the back of the container for those difficult to reach applications.

> Fork Free Carts for access over lift tables – Hovair provides multiple fork free carts that can be pushed over the top of our fork free lift tables.   These carts are tugged to and from the line then loaded over the top of a lift table to allow the cart to be raised and lowered for increased ergonomic access to the product being delivered to the line.

> Lean Manufacturing Designs – Carts can be designed not only individually but also as a system. Hovair has years of experience helping industrial customers design carts that can be towed to and from operator stations.   They can incorporate custom parts sequencing designs as well as any parts kitting applications.

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