The Olympian Tunrtable

Forkfree Carts

Forkfree Carts

We offer ergonomic forkfree products to help you create a safer working environment, and make sure all your workers are safe from accidents or injuries while in your premises.

We design our products with your workers’ safety and ergonomic needs in mind. With the use of cart positioners, you can easily load our forkfree carts over the top of our fork free lift tables. This makes raising and lowering loads faster, safer, and easier. You can reduce the risks of back strain and other potential injuries while loading and unloading items.

Improved Productivity, Efficiency, and Safety

Hovair Automotive takes pride in providing efficient solutions to safety and ergonomic issues faced by machine operators. We customize our products according to your needs. Our custom industrial carts and lift tables will help improve your productivity and efficiency rate. You don’t have to deal with messy fluids and costly cylinder replacements. This increases your savings while keeping your workers safe.

Hovair Automotive is your partner in creating a productive and safe working environment. Contact us so we can talk about your specific needs and start customizing your equipment.

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