The Olympian Tunrtable

Industrial Carts

Quality Industrial Carts

Mobilize your business using industrial carts and dollies. As one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of materials handling equipment in the US, Hovair Automotive is proud to offer customers with loads of options. We customize our products depending on our client’s needs, budget, and preferences. Tell us about your business and we’ll design equipment that fits your applications.

Hovair Automotive combines speed and efficiency. Our carts will speed up your processes so you can hit target schedules and meet your clients’ expectations. You can move, load, and unload items faster and easier. We pay attention to every detail when manufacturing equipment for our clients. We make sure our carts work properly and efficiently.

Customizable Carts

Hovair Automotive has been manufacturing customized equipment for many years. Our experience in helping many customers allows us to grow and continue improving our services. We build products that will mobilize your business and keep your employees safe from accidents or ergonomic issues.

We have:

  • 4 and 6-wheel Carts
  • Low Profile and Flat Top Carts
  • Rotate Carts
  • Tilt Carts
  • Forkfree Carts

Contact us so we can talk about your specific needs and applications.

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