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Container Handling

Container Handling


Hovair Automotive has a wide range of custom conveyor systems for virtually any application. We have a conveyor system design that is sure to be the right solution for the application you need!! Hovair conveyor systems have the following items that can be offered on a custom conveyor.

> Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor Systems – These types of conveyors are used for manually unload or robot unload operations.   Rollers are heavy gauge steel rollers with every roller driven by sprockets welded to each roller and connected using heavy duty industrial chain.   Rollers can be powered by electric or air motors.   Hovair also offers a variety of pneumatic and electric control systems for these custom conveyors.  Each conveyor is constructed from heavy duty structural steel and all safety guarding for sprockets and chains are included.

> Flat Top Chain Conveyor Systems –  These types of conveyors are used for multiple applications from moving large racks of parts or moving the actual parts themselves.   Systems are designed using electric or air motors and can be custom built to meet any of your material handling needs.

> Shuttle Cart/Lift and Carry Conveyor Systems – A lift and carry system eliminates the concerns of conveying parts racks that are damaged and will not roll on standard roller conveyor.   This system utilizes shuttle carts that drive under the parts rack and picks the rack up indexing it to the next available location throughout the handling system.

> Fork Free Conveyor Applications – Fork free conveyor applications are used when a fork free delivery system is in place throughout your plant.  The system allows docking of your fork free carts to our conveyor system eliminating the need for a fork lift to load the conveyor system.   Hovair can design and build the cart and the conveyor and the controls to integrate both. 

> Structural Steel Frame Design  – All frames are built from heavy duty structural steel.   We do not used formed light gauge steel for conveyor frames due to the constant abuse these systems are subject to in heavy industrial applications.

> Over Under Conveyor systems –  These types of systems can be designed for limited floor space applications.   Full or empty containers are either loaded on the top level of the system or the bottom and a lift mechanism transfers full or empty pallets from bottom to top levels.   These can be designed to cut traditional load unload space requirements in half throughout your plant.

Hovair can design a system to fit your application and layout parameters.  Hovair specializes in design to meet the application considering production, safety, cost and ergonomics.  We can design a system big or small to meet any material handling needs

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