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High Quality Conveyor Systems

An efficient conveyor system can improve your entire company’s productivity and efficiency, resulting in a higher ROI. From Chain-Driven Live Roller Conveyor Systems to Over Under Conveyor Systems, you’ll surely find the right fit for your company with Hovair Automotive.

Hovair Automotive designs and manufactures various different styles of conveyor systems. Each system is custom designed to fit your application. Conveyors can be full width rollers or may be split roller depending on the product that we are transporting. Conveyor systems can be gravity or powered using electric or air motors. Hovair has extensive knowledge of what type of conveyor will or will not work to transport any rack or pallet that your company may be utilizing. Conveyors are constructed from structural steel using heavy gauge steel tube with precision bearings for a smooth transfer of each product. Powered conveyors have heavy duty chain driven rollers with heavy duty sprockets welded to each roller. All necessary safety guarding is included with each system and heavy duty protection from fork lift loading and unloading. Conveyors can be designed to transport product to be unloaded by a robot or a human. If there is a human involved we can incorporate any necessary ergonomic device such as a lift or tilt table to assist the operators during repetitive motions. Hovair also has extensive experience with robot loaded and Automated Guided Vehicles loading and unloading our conveyor systems. If you have an application we can design a conveyor system to meet that application.

Whether you want to unload your products using a robot or human effort, we can design a conveyor that suits your transporting and moving needs.

Our expert team, our efficient products, and our strong commitment to our customers make Hovair Automotive the top choice when it comes to supplying conveyors.

Contact a sales representative today for your material handling needs.

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