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Hovair Automotive is the trusted source of premium rollers on the market. We take pride in catering to the ever-changing needs of our clients from all industries. Roller conveyor systems move materials throughout the production line either by propulsion or gravity, which helps speed up your entire operation and improve the ergonomics of the workstation.

We have a wide range of conveyor rollers to suit your needs and budget. Each of our products is smartly-designed to make conveyor systems run quicker and more efficiently to handle materials of different sizes. Hovair offers a variety of rollers for different applications.

Grooved Rollers – This type of roller is well-suited to systems that solely depend on rollers as the driving force. These fixed-located rollers are easy to install and have long-lasting bearings for years of uncompromised performance.

High-Speed Rollers – These rollers significantly decrease the level of noise produced by conveyor systems. This is a prime factor for reducing wear and tear, thus extending their life. Hovair Automotive manufactures high-grade components for a dynamic production and helps prevent materials from going out of the tube.

Gravity Roller – This roller is fitting for any type of system. Gravity conveyor rollers are an economical alternative to high-speed rollers. They are perfect for high-noise applications and are less costly than other types.

Hovair is an industry leading in supplying top-rated roller conveyor systems. We are a notch above other suppliers by delivering premium products and best-in-class customer service. Our excellence in industrial equipment engineering allows us to accommodate any type of client request.

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