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Types of Lift Tables


Hovair Automotive has multiple types of lift tables to better the ergonomics of any workstation in the production or manufacturing area. Hovair can deliver Standard Size Tables for Standard containers or custom fit the table to your application.

We have developed great relationships with our clients by providing affordable yet quality lift tables. Our team is always available to assist with the progress of your material handling. Superior customer service, quality materials handling solutions, and affordable pricing are Hovair Automotive’s standards.

> Single Position Lift Only Tables –  This type of table is used to simply raise and lower loads allowing operators a more ergonomic height for loading and unloading of parts to and from the assembly line.

> Single Position Lift and Rotate Tables –  This type of table is used to raise and lower loads and also allows loads to be rotated 360 degrees.   This prevents operators from reaching across larger pallets creating ergonomic issues.   Rotate table is mounted on top of single position lift table.

> Single Position Lift and Tilt Tables – This type of table is used to raise and tilt loads.   Certain containers are difficult for operators to ergonomically access parts inside them therefore Hovair can design a lift table with a tilt mounted on top of the lift to allow ease of access for your employees.

>Tilt Only Tables –  This is simply a tilt only table which ergonomically allows operators to access parts on the back side of difficult to reach containers when loading and unloading parts from the assembly line.

> Rotate Only Tables –  This table allows 360 degree rotation for those larger racks so operators do not have to reach the opposite side of a rack creating safety  and ergonomic issues due to excessive reaching.

> Hydraulic Lift Tables –   This type of lift table is typically used in heavy applications or applications requiring parts to be lifted higher than 24” fro from the collapsed height of the lift table.   Usually used for operators located on platforms inside your plant where they are loading or unloading parts.

> Air Spring Lift Tables  –  The majority of all lift / tilt / rotate tables that Hovair provides utilize high quality air springs for lifting and tilting.   These springs are maintenance free and do not require hydraulic fluid or lubrication of traditional hydraulic tables.   Capacities can go up to 6,000 lbs using these types of air springs.

> Fork Free Lift Tables for Cart Access –   A fork free lift table is a smaller 2,000 lb capacity table that allows carts to be pushed over the top of the table.   The cart can then be lifted to a proper ergonomic height for the operator to load or unload from the pallet located on the cart.   This is perfect for fork free application throughout your plant.

All lift tables are constructed from structural steel – no preformed steel is used on our tables.   All bearings are sealed for life and all  holes contain hardened bushings for long lasting life of our product in your environment.

From Single Position Lift Tables to Fork Free Lift Tables, we can provide the tables you need to improve your manufacturing processes.

The wide range of Hovair Automotive’s tables, with their unique and helpful features, provides an effective solution to your lifting problems. Call us now for inquiries.

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