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Electric Lift Table

Electric Lift Tables

Hovair Automotive offers a range of top quality electric lift tables from some of the leading manufacturers. Our selection includes lift tables made from high quality materials and with different features for increased performance and easy use.

Our electric lift tables are designed for different applications and work purposes. They feature a special hydraulic lifting mechanism that enables the lift table to increase the firmness of its lowering motion. The lift tables also connect easily with different types of fixed production line assembly. With a push of a button, you can control its lifting and lowering movement. If foot operation is more convenient, you can easily switch the push button to a foot switch.

Hovair Automotive is one of the most trusted names in production handling equipment supplies. We provide bulk material handling devices tailored to fit the standards and requirements of different industries. Our product selection includes conveyor systems and material handling equipment.

Learn about our electric lift tables and other conveyor products by browsing through this website. Contact us for inquiries.

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