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Hydraulic Lift Tables

Hydraulic Lift Tables

Hovair Automotive is a premier supplier of hydraulic lift tables. Our tables come from renowned manufacturers across the country and are available in a range of lifting and positioning capacities. All the units we offer come with special features that contribute to the productivity and safety in the workplace.

Our hydraulic lift tables are highly useful in different applications and they’re easy to operate. We also give you an extensive selection of platform sizes to suit your production’s lifting requirements. Whether you need tables for light duty applications or for high capacity operations, you can find the right option from our selection of lift tables. Check out our line of tables today and find a model that best suits your materials lifting needs.

Hovair Automotive is one of the most trusted suppliers of a range of material handling equipment. We specialize in bulk production handling equipment, such as lift tables and conveyor systems. Our products include models from the best brands in the market.

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