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Pneumatic Lift Tables

High Quality Pneumatic Lift Tables

Hovair Automotive’s pneumatic lift table offers lift, tilt, or rotate functionality to improve productivity and reduce human errors. Because of its multitude of applications, efficiency and safety will never be a problem inside your industry.

Forget about complex and risky lifting operations. You can now lift, tilt, or rotate your materials in an easy and safe manner. This way, you can simplify operations and maximize safety through the use of our products.

Hovair Automotive provides a variety of pneumatic lift tables for various industries. A pneumatic lift table uses common air springs like you would find on the air ride suspension of a semi-truck trailer. These are heavy duty and require no maintenance. Lift tables are manufactured from structural steel shapes and the scissor arms are made from solid steel plate. The air springs can lift up to 8,000 lbs of load when loaded to the top of the lift table.

Hovair manufactures several different sizes, styles with different capacities for different applications. These tables are used for ergonomics or for simply raising parts to operators located on platforms. In addition to standard lift tables Hovair can incorporate other features on top of each table such as adding a tilt table, turntable or any form of mounting fixture required. Each lift table comes with safety maintenance bars and accordion skirting to eliminate any possibilities of injury to operators or maintenance staff. Whatever application you require we can design a lift table to fit that function.

Designed to last

Hovair Automotive supplies the highest quality lifting equipment in the industry. Engineering excellence, manufacturing safety, and heavy-duty lifting make Hovair Automotive the best choice for pneumatic lift tables.

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