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Material Handling Solutions

Material Handling

Hovair Automotive focuses on making things easier for clients in different industries, including manufacturing, retail, warehousing and automotive. We aim to provide material handling solutions to the following aspects of your operation.

Lifting, Loading, and Unloading Heavy Loads

Lifting and lowering heavy loads is difficult when done manually. You need reliable equipment with high load-bearing capacity to make it easier. Our pneumatic and hydraulic lift tables are perfect for operations that call for heavy-duty lifting equipment. We can even customize your unit for your specific types of applications.

Moving Items from One Area to Another

Moving multiple items throughout your work area is easier with the help of conveyor systems and industrial carts. We build our products from the finest materials, such as heavy-duty structural steel. They are durable enough to sustain even the most demanding operations. There’s no better way to find out how reliable they are than to try them in your own workplace. You can have them customized to make sure they’ll work best with your industry requirements and operational standards.

Ergonomic Solutions

Free your machine operators from those ergonomic problems that affect their health and productivity. These include back strains and injuries caused by frequent turning and leaning. Our ergonomically designed line of equipment provides easy ways to load, unload, lift, or move heavy loads. With our help, you can create an efficient, safe, and productive working environment.

Contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll offer you a range of solutions as quickly as possible.

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