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Material Handling Systems

Material Handling

As a leading supplier of material handling systems in the US, Hovair Automotive aims to provide the best solutions for its growing clientele. We design, manufacture, and install products, such as lift and turntables, conveyor systems, carts and dollies. Every piece of equipment you order from us is a product of our creativity and exquisite workmanship. We always make sure all units delivered and installed in our clients’ work site are of high quality.

The Mark of Modern Industrial Solutions

Hovair Automotive is the mark of modern industrial solutions. The name Hovair is a symbol of quality and reliability, as our products go through a series of tests before we deliver them to your site. This allows us to make sure you’ll get the most out of your equipment.

Equipment Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that every business has its own operational requirements. That’s why we focus on keeping your interests in mind when designing and building your equipment. Whether you need a lift table, a cart, or an automotive conveyor system, we’ll customize it according to your preferences. A free on-site inspection is part of our service. This allows us to find out what exactly your business needs. We start with studying your operation and measuring the available space in your workplace. You’re always free to share your ideas when it comes to your equipment’s design and dimensions.

Hovair Automotive is your partner in creating an efficient and productive industrial workplace. Contact us for your material handling needs.

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