The Olympian Tunrtable



Hovair Automotive seeks to provide customers with high performance and highly durable material handling solutions. This is why we work with some of the leading brands in the industry, such as SailRail.

SailRail is one of the leading names in design and manufacture of ergonomic material handling equipment. Specializing in equipment for manufacturing, assembly and stamping operations, they offer an impressive range of conveyors, lift tables, tilt tables, turntables, and other devices. As the industries they serve have varied handling equipment requirements, the company offers extensive options from various equipment to manual control and automated solutions. All products are designed and built to meet the standards and needs of the business when it comes to performance and reliability.

Check out our selection of high-performance SailRail products to find the best options for your business.

Hovair Automotive supplies a comprehensive range of material handling equipment for different industries. Our impressive selection of products comes only from top manufacturers, including those that specialize in conveyor systems and specialized machinery for material handling.

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