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Tilt Tables


Hovair Automotive is one of the leading suppliers of materials handling equipment in Franklin, Indiana. Our products are designed to improve your workers’ productivity and reduce human errors. Whether you’re lifting materials, handling heavy pallets, working with fragile parts, or transporting loads, Hovair Automotive has a way to make your material handling more efficient and more reliable.

Loading and transporting materials can be easy when you use Hovair Automotive’s tilt tables. Depending on your material handling needs, we can provide a design that will improve your productivity and efficiency.

Different options

Hovair Automotive supplies quality tilt tables suitable for your material handling needs. Different height and platform combinations are available, providing you with the flexibility in function and design you require to get the job done in a safe and reliable manner.

Designed to meet your demands

Our tilt tables eliminate the need to bend repeatedly to handle products for transporting and shipping. Our products can ergonomically raise and lower materials according to your needs. These also come in electric or air design that automatically repositions itself, always keeping loads at optimum working height.

Higher returns

By staying on top of your material handling needs, our lift tables can reduce load times, boost your productivity, and improve material handling capabilities. You’ll instantly see increased efficiency, lower product damage rates, and higher returns on your investment!

Hovair Automotive has multiple types of tilt tables to better the ergonomics of any workstation in the production or manufacturing area. Hovair can deliver Standard Size Tables for Standard containers or custom fit the table to your application. We offer but are not limited to the following designs.

  • Single Position Tilt Tables, Tilt Only Tables, Hydraulic Tilt Tables, Air Spring Tilt Tables.

> Electric or Air Designs available

> Low Maintenance

> Robust Heavy Duty Design

> Weight Capacity’s up to 30,000 LBS!!

> Lift Table Stroke 0” – 72” in height

> Custom Designs Available

> Low Profile Tables are Available

> Fork Free Cart Lift Tables

Whether you’re looking for Single Position Tilt Tables, Hydraulic Tilt Tables, or Air Spring Tilt Tables, we can provide a design that will meet your material handling needs. Call us now for inquiries.

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