The Olympian Tunrtable


The latest advancements in technology have placed a rising demand for quality material handling equipment. And the introduction of Hovair Automotive’s air bearing turntables has opened a lot of possibilities when it comes to quality and reliable product handling.

Our air bearing turntables are the staple of Hovair Automotive. Our Starbase design has a smaller torque of magnitude than traditional bearings. Using six heavy-duty bearings, it can keep the tabletop afloat and can hold several part positions. Since it uses air bearings, it results in high speed and frictionless material handling.



Air Bearing tables allow your production facility flow to become better, especially when it comes to cycle time and the time it takes to do product change over. All Hovair Automotive Air Bearing tables have a patented Starbase design utilizing Six Heavy Duty Air Bearings that are used to float the table top.  This Starbase design allows for better controlled leakage to make the film of air for the table top to float.  The Starbase design also allows for easy access to the Air Bearings without having to remove the top.

Air Bearing Tables offer a lower cost solution to traditional Material Handling Systems. These tables  float on a thin film of air which allows them to move very heavy loads with little force and friction.

Air Bearing Turntables are the staple of Hovair Automotives Business.  We know how to do Air Bearing Tables and we know how to do them right!

> Low Maintenance

> Quick Part Change Over

> Custom Design Available.

> Robust Heavy Duty Design

> Table Can Hold Multiple Part Positions

> Helps In High Cycle Time Production Areas

> 99.9% Uptime

> Patented Starbase Design

We are also customizing turntable designs to meet your material handling demands. This way, you can easily adapt to the fast-changing demands of your clientele without hassles and worries.

Whether you’re looking for pre-made or customized turntables, we have the most affordable and most effective solution to your material handling needs. Contact us now for more inquiries.

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