The Olympian Tunrtable

Air Bearing

Air Bearing Turntable

Hovair Automotive offers air bearing turntables and transporters that fit a variety of applications. Look no further as we have the best and most affordable air bearing material handling equipment in Indiana.

Air Bearing Transporters

We use a state-of-the-art air bearing technology when designing and building a custom transporter. In fact, we have designed and built multiple transporters for moving large stamping dies, transformers, and a wide variety of large and heavy pieces of machinery and products.

Air Bearing Turntables

Hovair Automotive specializes in designing and building air bearing turntables. In fact, we recently designed and built air bearing turntables for some of the largest companies in the world. You can use Hovair Automotive’s air bearing tables in a variety of applications such as moving products to the end of press lines, and parts loading and unloading stations throughout your entire plant. You can also mount other types of ergonomic equipment to our air bearing turntables to fulfill your material handling needs.

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