The Olympian Tunrtable

Air Caster

Air Caster Turntable

Moving heavy loads is easier with Hovair Automotive’s air caster systems. We design and build these moving equipment to simplify your operations. Tell us about your application requirements and we’ll build a system that fits them.

The Ultimate Heavy Load Moving Solution

Air casters offer many benefits to industrial facilities, such as warehouses and manufacturing plants. These pieces of equipment eliminate the need for multiple machineries, including fork trucks and overhead cranes. This saves you enough floor space, and helps minimize damage to floors and walls. They also require minimum maintenance so you can reduce your operational costs.

Our air bearing products have high load-bearing capacity, making them ideal for almost any application. Safety isn’t an issue because these units have low floor pressure requirements. Usually cushioned, air casters lift and move heavy loads with minimum friction to avoid heating and fire.

Give Your Business a Lift

Air casters are environmentally friendly because they operate using only compressed air. They’re easy to use and allow for maximum flexibility and precision. We can customize these pieces of equipment to meet your business’ needs and applications.

Contact us today to learn how this innovative technology works.

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