The Olympian Tunrtable

Air Float

Air Float Turntable

Hovair Automotive is proud of its established partnership with Airfloat, a global leader in air bearing technologies. Along with other accomplished material handling manufacturers, our affiliation with Air float allows us to develop innovative turntables, allowing you to move bulk materials throughout your production line in an ergonomical fashion.

Our large network of fellow industry leaders helps us to meet the unique demands of clients from different industries, making us a full range provider of superior material handling equipment. Our solid partnership with Airfloat allows us to stay ahead of the pack and deliver high-quality professional service, from consultation to support.

A Tradition of Excellence

Hovair and Air float share the values of integrity and quality. These core values have been at the center of our business over the years. These have also proven to be the main ingredients in manufacturing premium products and providing world-class service to clients from all industries. We combine our years of experience and excellence in industrial equipment engineering to create custom-fit designs for different applications.

Innovation in Material Handling Systems

Our affiliation with Airfloat helps us revolutionize the way bulk material handling systems are designed. We are able to accommodate a variety of projects and meet strict product specifications using our innovative approach.

Working with Hovair Automotive is the key to have the perfect industrial equipment to better the ergonomics of your production area. Our rates are unmatched by any of our competition, giving you access to premium products for less. Contact us today for inquiries and we’d be happy to assist you.

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